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My recent work draws on notions of fragile enclaves and lost directions. Fictional encounters where their source remaining unclear. Details become covert signifiers, offering us narrative pointers to clue together what is or might be happening. Peppered with occasional figures, architecture references, text and symbols, they are ephemeral, fragmentary and partial. We are occasionally made aware of behavioural aspects, inherent and suggested threat and allusions to travel, place and movement and yet the locale is never clarified.

The work is concerned with relationships both metaphorically and compositionally. The work appears at once drawn and photographic, referencing film but as sequential frames that appear like storyboards, panning shots cut from some experimental dystopian film. Characters inhabit a fraught psychological space that acknowledges the contradictions of the ensuing spectacle. Narratives slowly reveal themselves as unforeseen antidotes to the assumed drama that is being witnessed, constructions where the prerogative is concerned with juxtaposing aspects of vulnerability within a contemporary aesthetic.

Figures are often preoccupied by some distraction or simply contained within their own space. Fractured within the slow revelation of where they find themselves, they are oblivious to our position as onlookers and frequently to each other. They offer us a spectrum of divided and detached experiences rather than a unified whole, and the images communicate this layering of different worlds of introspection. Small and unobtrusive details gradually come into focus, alluding towards some past or connected event, functioning as a bed of metaphor through which we are able to establish a half-knowledge of what we are seeing. These details become potent signifiers that, despite their subtlety, often become as important as the overriding image.